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Shmitta Project Overview

Dear friend,

In advance of the coming shmitta year 5775, the Ahavas Olam Weingarden Torah Center is pleased to present a unique opportunity for the benefit of both Torah Center participants and the greater Jewish community.

Baruch Hashem, the Torah Center is able to make available for sale a cultivated parcel of land in Eretz Yisroel, in the yishuv of Talmon, for the duration of shmitta. With a $150 donation to the Torah Center, you can purchase a designated 18 inch by 18 inch plot of that land. The purchase will confer halachic ownership of the land to you. As dictated by the Torah, the entire parcel of land will not be worked during shmitta, and all the produce of that land will be declared ownerless. All those who purchase plots will merit fulfilling the various rare mitzvos of shmitta.

Our entire project has been conducted under rabbinic guidance, including Dayan Avroham Gutman shlita of the Vaad HaDayanim of Lakewood, ensuring the halachic validity of all transactions. We also have the warm endorsement of Rabbi Shmuel Irons shlita of the Detroit Kollel.

Attached is the contract for your purchase, including a gift form for those that wish to purchase a plot of land as a gift for family and friends in honor of the new year.

All transactions will be finalized prior to September 25, 2014, Rosh Hashana of 5775.

Your donation of $150 will benefit the Torah Center in its mission to spread Torah throughout the Greater Detroit Jewish community, and will also enable you to have the special zechus of fulfilling these uncommon mitzvos.

You can mail the donation and contract(s) to: Mr. Gabi Grossbard, 25428 Woodvilla, Southfield, MI 48075 or you can make the donation and fill out the contracts online. All checks should be made out to Ahavas Olam.

In advance of the new year, we at Ahavas Olam wish you a ksiva v’chasima tova together with all of Klal Yisroel!