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Six Constant Mitzvos

The Concept

The Six Constant Mitzvos are Mitzvos that are incumbent on every Jew at all times, as taught by the Sefer Hachinuch. Please click on one of the PDF links below to learn more about these Mitzvos.

Article A Article B

The Poster

We have a wonderful poster that both illustrates the concept of the Six Constant Mitzvos in a concise and easy to understand way and is a beautiful work of art.

The front side of the poster clearly states the Six Mitzvos in both Hebrew and English, and includes practical applications for fulfilling the mitzvah. The text floats on top of a gorgeous picture of the sun setting over the ocean that is meant to evoke a sense of awe in Hashem.

The back of the poster has a source list for those who are interested in seeing from where the Six Constant Mitzvos originate, and can be used as an educational guide.

Six Mitzvos Poster 1 Six Mitzvos Poster 2

The Poster is 11” X 14”, has a high glossy finish, and is ready to frame.

Poster Purchase

You can now order the poster online, by mail, or over the phone, for only $10 per poster, including shipping.
Educational and Fundraising prices are available. Please Contact Us for more details.