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The Weekly Reflection – Parshas Vayeira
Super-Storm Sandy’s Message

By Rav Simcha Klein

This week we all witnessed how many areas on the east coast, including Wall Street – the nerve center of American financial might, were totally shut down due to super storm Sandy and the accompanying flooding. The United States of America, the great super power with all its financial, industrial, and military might is absolutely powerless in the face of a single storm. Modern civilization with all its great scientific advances is essentially Lilliputian when confronted with the strength of Hashem’s natural forces.

The Chofetz Chaim Z”L would often say, in years past Hashem would communicate his mussar to Klal Yisroel via prophets such as Yeshaya, Yermiah, etc., however today in the absence of prophecy, storms and earthquakes and other natural calamities are His primary agents to convey messages to us.

As a proof to this he pointed to the following passuk – (Tehillim 104,4)
“עושה מלאכיו רוחות משרתיו אש לוהט” .

This event should serve as a catalyst for strengthening our awareness of Hashem’s total control and power over the universe and everything inside of it (and the weakening of our almost reverent attitude), and our over reliance on the advances of mankind in industry, technology ,and medicine.

Let us always remember – “ה’ הוא אלוקים אין עוד מלבדו”.

A Gut Shabbos