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The Weekly Reflection – Parshas Mattos-Masei:
The Three Weeks – A Source Of Optimism?

By Rav Simcha Klein

Some people relate to the current morning period of the The Three Weeks just as a sad
time of the year with many restrictions. I actually feel a sense of optimism and hope.
Think about it. We are mourning the loss of the Bais Hamikdash, an event that took
place some two thousand years ago. First of all, we still around as a nation to tell the
tale, which by itself is nothing short of amazing. Secondly, after all these years, after
everything we went through as a people, we still actually care and mourn our lack of
intense closeness with God that we used to have in the Bais Hamikdash. That is
unbelievable. To me this period is also a celebration of the eternal nature of the Jewish
people. If we are still around now against all odds, and we still care, we are for sure
going to make it as a strong nation until the arrival of Mashiach.

May we all merit to rejoice in the rebuilding of Jerusalem very quickly.