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D-Tag Shul Event

As the Rov announced in his speech before Mussaf this past Shabbos, technicians from the local D-Tag office have kindly agreed to be available at the Torah Center this Sunday night from 8:00pm till 10:30pm to help the Olam install filtering on their digital devices [including Laptops, Smart Phones, iPods & iPads] as suited to each individual’s particular needs.

The Rov highlighted the fact that although Smart Phones have become a necessity for many there are many potential hazards inherent in its use as is obvious to all, by installing filtering we are showing Hashem that we care and we are doing what we can to protect our unique identity as a part of the Mamleches Kohanim and Goy Kadosh.

Important note: The apps store, besides containing many apps that are totally inappropriate, also contain free browsers that can be used to circumvent the default filtered browser.

The following is a brief review of some of the current filtering available for Smart Phones. [For those who bought a Smart Phone just for its email capacity, see Level 3.]

Level 1: Installation of a Filter on the browser + password protecting the apps store.
Level 2: Installation of Monitoring & a Filter on the browser + password protecting the apps store.
Level 3: Blocking all internet access except email + password protecting the apps store.

The password must be in the hands of someone [preferably not a spouse] to truly be considered password protected.

Making the choice to install a filter is definitely a Mitzva Rabbah, in that spirit there will be warm refreshments served tomorrownight at the event.