15620 W. 10 Mile Rd., Southfield,MI 48075 Detroit Zmanim

4 Public Service Announcements

1. In advance of Rosh Hashana, the kitchen which will be cleaned out to transofrm it into the ezras noshim. Everyone is reminded to remove their personal belongings. Anything not removed by Tuesday night will be taken down to the basement.

2. The proper time to write a pruzbul is at the end of shmitta. However, some people are stringent and write a pruzbal at the beginning of shmitta. For those who want to be machmir, attached is the nusach of the pruzbal that can be used.

3. A box of new yartzheit candles was left in the kitchen of the Torah Center last week. Many thought it was hefker, however it belongs to Nachi Sollof’s paper goods store and was left there inadvertently. Anyone who mistakenly took from that box should please contact him at 845-304-2027.

4. Home Depot is selling a very cheap fencing mat made out of bamboo called Natural Reed Fencing which the CRC says can be used for schach. (See their website for a detailed explanation why this particular mat is kosher for schach.) Anyone purchasing these mats for schach must keep in mind the following points:

A. They are extremely light weight and can be blown away easily. Therefore, they must be securely attached to the sukkah. The best way to do this is by putting heavy schach material on top of the mats.

B. The reeds must be placed perpendicular rather than parallel to the support beams, otherwise they will be supported by the metal wiring in the mats and they then become disqualified.

C. Since these mats are very thin, after putting the mats on the sukkah make sure the mats provide more shaded area than open space.