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Erev Pesach Reminders

Date: Apr 7, 2012 - 11:59 pm

  • The sof z’man for eating chometz this erev Pesach is 11:01am
  • The sof z’man for burning the chometz this erev Pesach is 12:18pm
  • Because this year the first Seder is on Shabbos, food preperation should be done on erev Pesach.
  • One is not permiited to shave or take a haircut or cut one’s nails after chatzos (1:35pm) on erev Pesach.
  • If one forgot to take care of it before chatzos a Rov should be contacted.

Click here to download a comprehensive kuntress on the mitzvah of Sippur Yetzias Mitzraim by the Rov.