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Charitable Activities

Ahavas Olam’s mission includes providing critical charitable and social services to the local community.  The following services are provided on a year-round basis:

 Bi-annual Charity Drives
Ahavas Olam has a charity drive each spring and fall.  Because Ahavas Olam’s members are mostly young, working professionals, it is part of our mission to ensure that its members are cognizant of the needs of the unemployed and under-employed members in the community.  Through these charity drives, Ahavas Olam raises much-needed funds that are distributed to low-income members of the community.

Social Activities
Ahavas Olam engages in social activities with its young professional member base that are focused on involving its members in the community through volunteer projects and developing valuable skills in community involvement.

Detroit Chesed Project
Through its sub-organization, Detroit Chesed Project (www.detroitchesed.org), Ahavas Olam engages in community-wide charity work.

  1. History: The Detroit Chesed Project (also known as “DCP”) was founded when the Metro Detroit area had a devastating flood in the summer of 2014. DCP arranged for corporate donations of basic staples, including mattresses, appliances, and furniture for people affected by the flooding. DCP also helped affected individuals apply for available financial aid, including grants and loans to help rebuild.
  2. Programming: DCP currently supports the community through four different programs:
    1. The Spot: DCP, through its program, “The Spot,” provides a daily after-school program for children with special needs. The Spot is staffed by volunteers who play with, do homework with, and provide dinner to the special needs children. This program provides a much needed respite for the parents of these special needs children at a very busy and potentially stressful time of day.
    2. Project Gesher: One of the many challenges facing low-income families, is their inability to access available government or community services. DCP provides help to the local community by educating the needy about grants and funding that they may have access to and coordinating applications for such support.
    3. Home Goods: Through its activities during the 2014 flood, DCP became aware of the multitude of home goods donations available through the generosity of corporate donors. DCP set up a facility that maintains a stock of home goods available for distribution on a needs-based basis.
    4. Meals program: Another significant challenge affecting low-income families is that because of the multitude of needs, funds are not necessarily expended on healthy, nutritional meals. DCP coordinates with a local caterer to obtain and deliver nutritional and healthy meals to needy families within the community.
Ahavas Olam does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran, or disability status.